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Marrath Smart Home

Marrath Smart Home Multi Color RGBCW Wi-Fi LED Bulb

Marrath Smart Home Multi Color RGBCW Wi-Fi LED Bulb

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Not Just a Bulb but Truly Smart!

Setting Your Mood Right with Light

Presenting Marrath Smart Home Multi Color RGBW Wi-Fi LED Bulb to set your mood with the right colour and ambience. The smart bulb offers more than 16 million colours to match the perfect aura of your home as well as any commercial space you own. Additionally, you can also use it as a monochrome LED bulb to light up your space with warm or cool light. You can change the color, dim the light as well as change the color light to make it warm or cool white as per your needed. Begin your smart home journey with Marrath smart color LED bulb and enjoy the great fun it offer for everyone at home.

Switch on Your Light from Anywhere

Smart, Efficient and Convenient

Marrath Smart Home Multi Color RGBW Wi-Fi Bulb comes with various smart features that let you enjoy the convenience of using it as per the occasion and place. The smart features include a voice control system, remote control, scheduling, etc. In the case of commercial space, you can use it to add decorative lighting while at home, you can set it according to your need. Also, with the help of the Marrath Home app, you can share the user control with your family members and can switch it on or off from anywhere

Smart Wi-Fi LED Color Bulb

Marrath Smart Wi-Fi LED Color Bulb comes with various smart features that give you another level of experience just with a bulb. Enjoy the convenient controlling system, more than just monochrome lighting and hands-free usage. 

16 Million Colours

This smart bulb comes with around 16 million colours, which will match your lighting mood, occasion or place of use. Further, the bulb can also be used as a simple LED to light your kitchen or bathroom.

Schedule Your Lighting Time

According to your requirements, you can set the timer to switch it on or off. This way, the bulb will keep working even in your absence.

Control from Anywhere

With the help of Marrath Home app, you can switch on or off and dim your bulb from anywhere. So, never let your home remain in the dark after the sunset, switch it from wherever you can. You may schedule for automatic switch on and off to provide the feeling that someone it is at home while you are away from home thus enhance your security as well!

Customize the Brightness

The multi colours bulb can be dimmed or customized with the brightness setup so that you can have the best of the light every time. Perfect for home indoor lighting, hotels, meeting rooms, restaurants, cafes, cocktail & birthday parties

Marrath Home APP

With the help of the Marrath Home app, you can use various features related to the bulb such as setting up a timer, switching it on/off, controlling with voice, etc. The app will also help you add family members to share smart features with them.

CE, FCC and ROHS Certified

To ensure environmental safety standards, the Marrath Smart Multi Color RGBW Wi-Fi Bulb comes with CE, FCC, and RoHS certified thus guaranteeing the use of it for all places in your home.

Energy Saving

The smart LED color bulb can be easily replaced with the existing ordinary bulbs to provide you energy saving and with the added benefit of scheduling for automatic on , off and dimming based on the time of the day you can definitely reduce the power consumption more thus making your home more greener.

Group Control the Bulbs

Marrath Smart Home Multi Color RGBW Wi-Fi LED Bulbs can be grouped to controll them together from the app. For example, you can change the color of a group of bulbs together from one color control wheel and change the color temperature of many bulb together to make it warm or cool light.

Voice Control

This smart bulb can also be monitored using your voice. With the help of Amazon Alexa or Google Home, create a bulb name and use it handsfree to control it. 

For Residential and Commercial

Marrath Smart Home Multi Color RGBW Wi-Fi Bulb is an amazing product that can be used in both residential and commercial lighting systems. Plus, with multiple color options, it makes perfect lighting for decorating the places like restaurants. The bulbs colors will also dance with the tune of the songs 

Durable and Convenient

This smart bulb is a convenient option for your indoor space and is a highly durable product. The premium quality bulb can be relied upon for long time use

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 28 reviews
    Yasmin Hany
    Mood Enhancer

    Fun and functional bulb.

    Anjali Gupta
    Cozy September

    September's coziness is enhanced by this bulb.

    Laila Al-Jaber
    Colorful Elegance

    Vibrant and versatile.

    Dalia Al-Sulaiti
    Vibrant and Versatile

    It's a game-changer for lighting.

    Yasmin Omar
    Illuminating August

    August has been an illuminating month with this bulb.