Marrath Smart Home. The Future of Home Living!

Marrath Smart Home. The Future of Home Living.! Living
Discover the latest advancements in smart home technology with Marrath Smart
Home. Our state-of-the-art solutions allow you to manage and monitor your home
appliances from anywhere in the world with just a touch of a button. Experience
peace of mind and enhanced comfort with Marrath.


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Marrath Smart Security Solutions

Enhance the security of your abode and protect your cherished ones with... 

Marrath Smart Lighting

Illuminate your home with style and convenience with the Marrath Smart Lighting... 

  • Transform your home to smart home now

    Ecan experience smart home living through the gradual transformation of their
    home from a traditional home to a smart home according to their budget and
    need. Marrath Smart home solution is a perfect example of how IoT can be
    utilized to experience smart home living.

  • Our Solution

    includes a range of products such as smart lighting, smart security,
    and smart locks etc,
    all of which can be controlled through a user-friendly mobile app or
    voice-controlled assistant.

  • Seamless Integration

    Integrates all safety, security, and smart home appliances into one
    mobile app, so customers need only to use one app for all their smart home
    needs. They can also have high-quality internet of things sensors and
    appliances from our brand.

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Smart Lighting

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