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Marrath Smart Home

Marrath Smart Multi Color RGBCW LED Strip Light.

Marrath Smart Multi Color RGBCW LED Strip Light.

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Paint Your Home With Color Lights

Like What you See!

Marrath Smart multi color RGBCW LED following strip lights come with amazing features that offer both convenience and elegance. The smart light strip is 5 meters and 10 meter in length which can cover a long area for decorating. It can be used in several parts of the home or in any commercial space. Plus, with smart features such as voice or remote controlling and scene mode, you can create your own mood easily.

Color Changing Smart Strip

Marrath LED Strip for Your Smart Home

Marrath Smart multi color RGBCW LED Strip comes with a cool and elegant look and can offer the same for your home or working place. It has several features, which will let you enjoy astounding colors while maintaining ease of installation and usage. Further with the help of Marrath Home app, you can control these lights from anywhere, anytime!

Smart Light Strip

Marrath Smart LED Strip is an advanced lighting strip that lets you do more than just simply illuminating your home. It comes with smart features for a more refined experience of enjoying the lights and convenience. These features include hands-free use, auto on/off, dimming and color adjustment and many more.

Multi Colors Option

The smart light strip comes with 16 million color options so each time you remember a color from the rainbow, you can have it with just one click. The smart LED strip offers a customized color setup and dimming. This way you can set the color of the light according to your mood or occasion. A unique lighting experience for your TV, gaming rig, parties, or general ambiance.

5 Meters and 10 Meters Strip

The Marrath LED strip is 5 meters / 10meter long, which will let you cover a long area. For ceiling you can use multiple strips of 5m or 10m then you jointly control them together using Marrath Home APP. It can also be used in venues, hotels, restaurants, or other commercial zones. You may also cut the length to exactly suit your length requirement.

IP 65 Waterproof

The strip light is designed to operate in outdoor conditions thus providing wider applications. It’s safe to operate in the moderately wet area however avoid using it in direct sunlight and rain.

Automatic On/Off

The smart strip LED can be controlled with the help of an automatic on/off switch mode. For example, you can automate switching on the ceiling decoration in the evening and off them late at night automatically using the APP schedule function.

 Preset Scene Function and Manual Control

There are 8 preset scene modes such as Soft, Night, Reading, Leisure, Party, Rainbow, Shine and Gorgeous to choose from. You may use the included controller to select different scene options manually as well.

Marrath Home App

The Marrath Home app is another option to set everything conveniently whether it is switching, controlling modes or scenes, etc. The app is compatible with both iOS and Android. You can also link this light with other existing lights to create smart scenes in your home. For example, you may on the led strip while you open a door automatically with a predefined color.

Easy Installation

This light comes with an adhesive strip and thus it can be installed anywhere without the help of tape. You have the flexibility to bend and cut the strip to fit your needs. Allows you to place the strip where you wish with the included 3M adhesive backing

Control from Anywhere

With the help of the Marrath app, you can switch the light on and off from anywhere. So, even if you forgot to or reached home late, keep the light as it needs to be.

Wider application

You can use our RGBCW light strip to decorate multiple places in your home. Use them to brighten up your day in the kitchen, set the mood in the bedroom, or liven up the party in your living room.

 Voice Control

Conveniently works with Alexa and Google Assistant, allowing you to free up your hands and power your led lights on and off with simple voice commands. Control your lighting environment without even lifting a finger.

 Durable Lights

High-quality 5050 LEDs deliver excellent brightness and ensure a 50,000-hour life span. The UL-certified power adapter

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