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Marrath Smart Home

Marrath Smart Sprinkler Timer Valve.

Marrath Smart Sprinkler Timer Valve.

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Smart Sprinkler Timer Valve

Smart watering Valve for your garden, farm, or pool!

Marrath Smart Sprinkler Timer Water Valve comes with various smart features that let you automate the watering based on a schedule set in the Marath Home APP. It has a timer setup, voice-enabled control, control sharing options with family members, and many more. You can also switch on the water valve and control the water flow rate using the app without the need to go to your garden, farm, or plantation. In terms of design, it is smartly built with a rugged body and yet comes with a compact look. Get the smart water valve timer for your garden to enjoy the convenience of smart watering.

Smart Sprinkler Water Valve

Marrath Smart Sprinkler Water Valve is a smart offering that elevates your use of water supply from traditional to advanced methods for efficiency. This valve is packed with various features such as timer settings, real-time notifications, etc. Plus, with the durable build and convenient access to the features of the Marrath Home app, you can experience all-around user-friendliness. You will get a notification on your mobile every time the watering is completed by the smart valve.

Smart Gardening

Marrath aims at upgrading your gardening experience with Marrath Smart Sprinkler Water Valve. The product is packed with various smart features that let you enjoy the convenience of automatic watering while you do nothing! You can use multiple valves and network them for large gardens in case you need to water differently for different plants to optimize watering. 

Watering Automation

Marrath Smart Sprinkler Water Valve comes with an easy-to-switch-on feature that lets you water your garden without much hassle. You can switch on the water valve from a smartphone using the Marrath Home app and control the duration and flow rate as required. The watering can also be stopped based on the countdown timer set in the APP as well.

App Timing Function

To provide an advanced level of convenience while you are abroad on a work or family trip, let your garden not feel thirsty by setting up the timing for watering it. The water valve on

automatically to continue to water and close the tap automatically once the watering is completed as per the set duration in the APP. 

Fault Protected

The water valve comes with a fault-protected feature that lets you control it in terms of any issue. When the water is the valve on and if there is no water in the tank then the smart valve will close the valve automatically and send a notification to your mobile APP for your attention.

App Control

With the help of the Marrath Home app, you can enjoy yet another set of functions that will help you do better with your garden planting. The APP will bring you all the features and control systems at your fingertips. Using the APP you can also link the smart valve with a water sensor or weather app to avoid watering when there is already rain in your area.

Real-time Notification

With the help of the Marrath Home APP, you can get instant notifications about valve status and reports on irrigation. All shared member in the family gets instant notification about watering status.

Customised Controlling and Scene Automation

Whether it’s potted plants, landscaping needs, vegetable gardens, or even pools, the smart sprinkler valve offers customized remote water control and flow management throughout your home from anywhere in the world using Marrath Home APP. With the combination of moisture sensor, you can use the smart water valve to water only when the moisture level is below the required for the specified plants thus saving water and energy usage.

Share / Add Member

In case you feel too busy or not having time to pour water into your garden, just let your family member and trusted person help you out. Add a new member and share the control system so the work is done even in your absence.

 Compact and Rugged

Marrath Smart sprinkler Water Valve is built sturdy having a rugged body. Yet, Marrath has not left the design out and so, the result is compact and durable. The water valve can ales be used for water fountains to automate the watering or a fishpond. Its application can be used in wide areas as required. It is powered with a 12V adapter or solar power whichever is convenient in your area.

 IP66 Waterproof

Marrath Smart Sprinkler Timer Water Valve body is waterproof and protected. With the help of an IP66 rating, it is protected from damage due to severe weather to give you long-lasting use.

 Schedule Watering

The timer will allow you to set your schedule for watering your garden with ease. Just set a morning hour or day and let it happen automatically every day. You may increase the watering schedule based on the days of the month. For example, in summer months you may water longer compared to winter months.


With the help of Amazon Alexa and Google Home, you can make complete use of the device using your voice. You can also give it a name so everything you call; it is ready to take your command! Just say ‘Alexa, water the kitchen garden’

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 31 reviews
    Khaled Samir
    Watering Expert

    This timer valve is a true watering expert. It's been a game-changer for my garden.

    Ajay Varma
    Green Garden

    My garden is greener than ever. I've maintained its beauty effortlessly, thanks to this device.

    Shikha Malik

    It's user-friendly and efficient. Gardening has been a joy, with this timer valve by my side.

    Mukesh Patel
    Watering Precision

    Precision in watering has made my plants thrive.

    Saleh Al-Dosari
    Garden Bliss

    My garden has been a blissful oasis, all thanks to this timer valve. It's been my garden's best friend.