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Marrath Smart Home

Marrath Smart Wi-Fi Fingerprint Passcode Door Lock

Marrath Smart Wi-Fi Fingerprint Passcode Door Lock

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When Lock Meets Technology

Convenient Lock System

Marrath Smart Wi-Fi Fingerprint Passcode Door Lock comes with cutting-edge technology that helps you replace the traditional manual lock with the new generation lock system. It features fingerprint detection to unlock your door. Additionally, there are passwords, magnetic card systems, as well as a mechanical key enabled which provide various options to unlock your door. Further, with the strong and premium built quality, the s

Smart Lock System

Marrath Smart Wi-Fi Fingerprint Passcode Door Lock helps you to introduce technology to the security of your home. With this lock, you can replace your traditional lock system for more convenient access to your home and manage the locks from Marrath Home APP. 

Multiple Unlocking Modes

This smart lock comes with loads of features, each offering a new way to lock and unlock your home. You can set a passcode, mechanical key, magnetic card, or fingerprint, whichever suits your convenience.

Elegant and Easy Setup

The smart lock can be installed at your preferred door of the house. It comes with a neat and compact design which adds both elegance and efficiency. The lock can be installed on left-side or right-side open doors by simply rotating the know position inside the lock as mentioned in the manual. 

Premium Built

This premium quality smart lock is made up of high-quality aluminum alloy to provide a strong and durable lock and secure your premises.

Real Notification with Marrath Home App

With the help of the Marrath Home app, you can get the real-time notification of opening or closing the door. Just download the Marrath Home app on your Android or iOS device and track all the ins and outs of your house.

Smart Lock for Home, Offices, and Hotels

The lock also very suitable for apartment rentals, offices, and hotels to manage the tenants and guest entry to your premises through the Marrath Home app. The access control administration can be managed easily through the Marrath Home app.

Passcode Remote Opening

In addition to the passcode, fingerprint or card, this lock system can also be operated remotely by sending one-time passcode created from the APP. Share this one-time passcode to your guest or to someone important arrived your door while you are not at home.

Fast and Convenient

Marrath Smart Wi-Fi Fingerprint Passcode Door Lock is fast and more convenient than the traditional lock. You longer required to carry your mechanical key as your fingerprint is the key to your home!

Adapts to Harsh Environment

This lock has been manufactured using the latest technology which ensures it is safe and can survive harsh environments or weather conditions.

Marrath Home APP

Marrath Smart Wi-Fi Fingerprint Passcode Door Lock can be connected and operated with the help of Wi-Fi connectivity. Thus, you will be able to enter family member’s names, fingerprint details and you will get statistics of who open your lock and at what time in real time.

False Rejection and Real Time Alarm Notification.

To ensure the safety of your home and thus your family, this smart lock rejects any unfamiliar attempt of opening the door. So, keep your family safe with the help of the Marrath smart lock.

You will also get alarm push notification to your mobile when someone unauthorized tried to open the door and the door will sound alarm to scare away the intruder.

 Sharing Lock Control

Now, you can share the lock system of your house or apartment with the people you care about. Unlike the traditional key, this lock can be shared to allow unlocking access to your closed ones Enroll the fingerprint and passcode of your family members to share the lock control with everyone in the family.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 27 reviews
    Ahmed Karim
    Access Control at Its Best

    Access control at its best - that's what this door lock delivers.

    Mona Sherif
    Home Security Upgrade

    It's not just a door lock; it's a home security upgrade.

    Amna Al-Thani
    Biometric Security

    This door lock with biometric security has been a reliable companion for my home. It's never let me down.

    Lina Adel
    Effortless Security

    Effortless security at my fingertips. It's simplified my daily routines and added peace of mind.

    Dalia Al-Khalifa
    User-Friendly Innovation

    User-friendly innovation at its best. Managing access has become a breeze with this device.