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Marrath Smart Home

Marrath Smart Wi-Fi Gate Motor For Gate Automation

Marrath Smart Wi-Fi Gate Motor For Gate Automation

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Don’t Walk to Open the Gate!

Automatic Smart Gate System

Marrath Smart Wi-Fi Gate Motor is a unique addition to the world of technology that brings you greater convenience for your main gate system. It helps you to control your gate opening and closing without having to touch it. With the help of remote control or smart switch or Marath Home APP, you can now open the gate. Further, this gate system can also be controlled and shared with multiple family members you deem important

Time to Automate Your Gate

Control Gate With Mobile

With Marrath Smart Home, bring the best advancement into your home. Be it the lights or appliances, or gate you can control everything with your fingertips. Download the Marrath Home APP to schedule the opening/closing of your existing gate every day. Everyone loves the convenience and enhanced security of Marrath’s automated gate system

Smart Wi-Fi Gate Motor

Marrath Smart Wi-Fi Gate Motor can be easily retrofitted to your existing gate to automate immediately. You can choose from a sliding gate motor, swing gate motor, or rolling gate motor based on your current gate type and weight. Designed for all types of gates made by steel, wood, and vinyl, and shaped as a panel, tube, and chain-link. Typical application includes residential, commercial, courtyard, farm & ranch.

Remote and Smart Touch Switch

The smart gate can be controlled with the help of a remote controller, mobile APP, or a touch switch installed inside your home. On the other hand, it can also be controlled using your smartphone. You can set the default position of the gate as ‘closed’ hence you won’t have to remember and check every time if your gates were closed or not. 

Automatic Detection

The gate helps to set an automatic opening and closing system with the help of detection technology. It detects vehicles incoming or outgoing. Any obstruction is detected using photocell which helps improve the safety of children and pets. You can also integrate CCTV cameras and other smart home devices to enhance your living experience

Marrath Home APP

With the help of the Marrath Home app, you can sync the gate opening system into your smart device. You can share the app with many users in your home to allow them to open the gate without stepping out of their car. The gate automatically closes after your entry and exit.

Voice Control

In addition to the remote-control system, Marrath Smart Wi-Fi Gate Motor can also be controlled with voice. This can be done with the help of Google Assist or Amazon Alexa. Our expert team can be contacted for physical installation and configurations.

Weatherproof Motors

This smart gate is weatherproof which is why it can be installed in any type of weather condition.

All forms of gates can be automated using special motors including sliding gate motors, swing gate motors, and roller swing gate motors.

Better Convenience

The smart gate is easier and more convenient than the traditional gate. Here, you will not have to step out of your car to open the gate. Flexible power modes are for your selection. Use the solar panels to charge the battery wherever, whenever there is sunlight. The motor is connected to the electricity power directly however use the solar option to operate the gate during power failures.

 Durable and Heavy Duty

This smart gate system can help you manage busier gates and heavy-duty. It is highly durable against any damage. The heavy-duty gate motors can open the gate weighing up to 2000kg thus making it suitable for smaller gates to larger gates.

Overheat and Overload Dual Protection

For additional safety, this gate system has been assured of overheating and overload dual protection. The type and model will be selected to suit your existing gate and no modification is required for your existing gate to automate it.

 Real-Time Notification

The Marrath APP brings you real-time notifications. So, whenever anyone opens your gate or it detects any vehicle, you will receive a real-time notification to keep you informed and safe. You may also open and close the gate using Marrath Home APP from anywhere in the world.

Add Family Members

The Marrath APP lets you add your family member to control the gate system. Also, with this, you will have one application to control everything in your home smartly. Easy to upgrade your existing gate with Marath smart gate motors.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 26 reviews
    Safaa Mahmoud
    Smart Living Companion

    This motor has become my trusted smart living companion.

    Islam Abdelrahim
    Home Automation Excellence

    The Marrath Smart Wi-Fi Gate Motor embodies home automation excellence.

    Tarek Mahmoud
    Gate Control Redefined

    This motor has redefined gate control for me.

    Abdulrahman Al-Sulaiti
    Effortless Gate Control

    Effortless control over my gate has become a daily convenience. I'm loving the convenience it offers.

    Lina Abadi
    User-Friendly Innovation

    User-friendly innovation at its best. Managing my gate has become a breeze with this device.