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Marrath Smart Wi-Fi Hepa Air Purifier.

Marrath Smart Wi-Fi Hepa Air Purifier.

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View the Air Quality in Your Mobile

Marrath Smart Wi-Fi Hepa Air Purifier cum ionizer and UV light helps you purify the air at your premises and lets you have a clear environment where you can breathe the freshness. It has been manufactured keeping the premium quality and durability in mind, while also ensuring the convenience of usage. This air purifier cleans 99.9% of dust, pollens, allergen, pet dander, mold and odour. The inbuilt UV lights kills all viruses and bacteria thus prevent spreading airborne deceases. On the other hand, the smart features and Marrath Home mobile APP help you have all aspects of control at your fingertips.

Control Everything on the Move

Marrath Smart Wi-Fi HEPA Air Purifier cum ionizer is a great smart product that lets you enjoy the convenience of pure air. It has many features that offer an easy user experience while it can also be controlled from anywhere. With voice-enabled features, you can also experience hands-free usage. Very suitable for home, offices, healthcare facilities, doctors consulting rooms and confined places where customers interact frequently. The smart HEPA air purifier and inbuilt UV lights keeps you and your loved one healthy while preventing the spread of communicable deceases effectively.

Smart Air Purifier

Marrath Smart Wi-Fi HEPA Air Purifier offers 6 layers of air purification to give you clean air for your family. It works with a pre-filter, nonwoven fabric filter, coco house activated carbon, HEPA filter, Photocatalyst filter, ultraviolet rays and Anion purification.

HEPA Filtration

The air purifier operates with the help of 3 layers of HEPA filter, which provide highly efficient particulate absorbing which exceeds the standard of an air filter.

Air Quality Sensor.

The air purifier comes with an air quality sensor with a green, yellow and red light that lets you know what you are breathing. Further, it also comes with filter replacement reminder, children lock, clock, PM2.5 display and touch screen sensor for control. 

Control from Anywhere and Share The Marrath Home app will help you share the control with family members. Add any member of the family and let them control the purifier conveniently.

Complete Automated

The air purifier is a completely automated control that lowers fan speed when necessary and reduces sound. The air purifier will automatically change the indictor LED color and increase the fan speed when it detects smoke and air pollution in your room to purify it faster. When the air quality is in acceptable levels then the fan speed will go down automatically thus help saving energy usage.

 Reduced Noise

Marrath Smart Wi-Fi HEPA Air Purifier comes with a highly energy efficient Japanese motor that works smoothly without much noise. Thus, it helps you enjoy a comfortable and quiet environment.

Voice Control Enabled

This air purifier is compatible with voice control. For this, you can use Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant and control it without touching it.

Schedule Timer

This air purifier comes with smart features like scheduling the timer, which lets you set an automatic time for switching it on or off. Thus, it will be fine if you forget to turn the motor off, the automatic timing will do it for you.

Covers Wide Application Area

This air purifier covers a wide range of areas of up to 60 square meters, which is enough to cover your larger hall in your home or offices. Perfectly suitable for doctors consulting, triage rooms and other health facilities.

Filter Usage Reminders

The Air purifier send reminder to the mobile app when it is time to replace the filter. You can quickly clean with air filter with an air dry or replace the filter within a minute by yourself.

Scene Automation

You can link the smart air purifier with other smart devices in your premises to achieve more efficiency and convenience. For example, you can link this with the door sensors so when the door is opened the air purifier will be switched off automatically. Alternatively, if the air quality is very poor due to smoke from the kitchen the lights can be flashed, or siren can be horn automatically so the source of bad quality air can be identified and removed immediately to avoid further spread of the danger

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 27 reviews
    Siddharth Rastogi
    Smart Air Quality Control

    Smart air quality control at its best. It adapts to my needs and keeps my air clean.

    Eduardo Fernandez
    Allergy Relief

    This purifier has provided allergy relief like never before. I no longer worry about pollen or dust.

    Nouf Al-Suwaidi
    Fresh and Healthy Air

    Fresh and healthy air is what this purifier provides.

    Fatima Khan
    Clean Air Delight

    The Marrath Smart Wi-Fi HEPA Air Purifier is a delight for clean air enthusiasts. It works wonders!

    Amira Said
    Breath of Fresh Air

    It feels like a breath of fresh air in my home, thanks to this purifier. I'm loving it.