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Marrath Smart Home

Marrath Wi-Fi 16A Smart Plug

Marrath Wi-Fi 16A Smart Plug

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Marrath Wi-Fi 16A Smart Plug for Everything

Plug Smartly, Control Conveniently

Marrath Home 16A Smart Plug is a convenient plug that allows you to plug anything like a sofa light, water fountain, AC, Fan, water motor pump, etc., and control it from anywhere. The plug can be controlled using your Wi-Fi network via the Marrath Home app. Since it can be controlled from anywhere, you will not require to be physically present to switch it on or off. Just take help from the Marrath Home app and get your job done! You can also monitor the energy usage of the appliances connected to the plug thus catching the fund burner!

Marrath Smart Plug for Smart Home

Be Always Present at Home, Virtually!

Marrath Home Smart Plug is an amazing offering from the brand which helps you with a reliable solution to plugging everything. It helps you to control the plug even when you are away, so you never leave anything switched on or off. This plug also comes with features like scheduling, voice control and so on. Truly you could begin your smart home journey with Marrath smart plug!

Smart Plugging of Anything

Marrath introduces a smart plug for your home which helps you to connect anything and control it from anywhere. This plus comes with Wi-Fi connectivity and is easy to install and use. Plus, with the Marrath Home app, you can enjoy added benefits.

 Control from Anywhere

The smart plug can be controlled from anywhere in the world. Even if you are not present physically, you can still switch on/off your plug. An easy way to transform your normal home appliances to smart appliances. 

Power Monitoring

This smart plug helps you with power consumption monitoring from any part of the world. Plug anything and keep the power consumption in check whenever you want. For example, from the APP you will come to know how much power is consumed by your AC thus making your home more greener.

 Be Virtually Present at Home

Marrath Smart Power Plug allows you to be present at your home always, with the help of Marrath Home app. Switch your plug and be at it whenever you require. You may plug your lamp to the plug and automate it to on and off frequently to provide a feeling that some one is at home thus improve your home security even.

 Share the Plug Control with Family Members

In addition to controlling your smart plug, you can also share the control with your family members. This can be done with the help of an app by Marrath Home. So everyone in the home can switch on water pump motor from the mobile when the tank is empty.

 Schedule & Reschedule

Keeping in mind the safety of your children, this smart plug comes with a scheduling benefit that helps you to set a time to switch off your television or the like. This way, you will never leave your child unattended in front of the TV all day long. You may also schedule switching on your irrigation pump every day for 10 minutes and switch of automatically so your plant always healthy. How useful the smart plug is!

 Marrath Home APP

The Marrath Home app is an all-in-one solution to put everything at your fingertips. Be it your smart switch, doorbell, CCTV, curtain, or any other smart appliance by the Marrath brand, connect it with your phone and carry your home’s safety with you.

 Forget the Forgetting

The Marrath Smart Power Plug allows you to switch your device on or off, even if you have forgotten when leaving home. Since you can control the switch from anywhere, forgetting it is no more your fault!

Use Your Voice for Everything

The Marrath Smart Plug is compatible with voice control. Be it Amazon Alexa or Google Assist, you can always assign a name to each smart plug and control it using your voice.

Transform Your Home to Smart Home

Marrath brand inspire transform every home to smart home. A simple smart plug could be the beginning of your smart home journey and grab one to experience it.

CE, FCC and RoHS Certified

This Marrath Smart Power Plug has CE and FCC certifications so that you can use it in any part of the world and yet meet the safety standards. Further, it also comes with RoHS certification for added safety of you and your family.

 Durable & Convenient

Last but not the least, Marrath Smart Power Plug is a durable product that offers long-live usage. With added convenience and safety standards, it meets everything your home plugging system needs.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 28 reviews
    Mahmoud Ibrahim
    Smart Living Essential

    The Marrath Wi-Fi 16A Smart Plug is an essential for smart living. It's versatile and efficient.

    Sunil Kapoor
    Energy Saver

    An energy-saving marvel. I can monitor and optimize device usage with this smart plug.

    Rasha Hossam
    Power in My Hands

    Having the power to control devices from my smartphone is incredible. This plug delivers.

    Fatma Sami
    Smart Home Convenience

    Adding convenience to my smart home journey. This plug is a game-changer.

    Nada Al-Suwaidi
    Effortless Device Control

    Effortless control over my devices.